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Our company started doing business in 1995 4. Sanayi Sitesi.  We Provide service in machinery manufacturing and contract  manufacturing of various machine parts in various fields such us Iron and steel industry, Cement Sector, Mining Sector, Sand Pits, Gravel Plants, Oil Units. In begining  of 2010, we made new investment to build a CNC Machinery.With these investment we bought  2 vertical processing center which we can operate on the pieces with dimensions of 1600x800x800 and 4200x2600x1100 on the other hand. We seperated our CNC Unit and opened a second branch.

In 2011 we exported oil presses to Nigeria. 

We continue our negotiations with various countries for export. As company we always keep customersatisfaction our top priority. So far we received all positive reviews from our customers for our competitive price and quality. We started out with “we quarantee you everything we could” as our philosophy and we will continue to progress on this road.